• Red-PointRed Point Alloys BV  manufactures ball, check, gate, plug, globe, butterfly and tailor-made valves, etc. in a size range from 1/2” up till 12” including pressure classes 125-4500 lbs in the special alloys: Nickel alloys (Hastelloy®, Incoloy®, Inconel®, Monel®, Alloy 20, etc.), Titanium, Duplex and   Super Duplex and cor-rosion resistant alloys. Learn more
  • esco
    Esco Tool is the world leader in boiler maintenance tools. They provide portable pneumatic tube end preparation tools for pipe and boiler panels.
    Learn more
  • worcesterWorcester Controls provides a wide range of ball valves and actuators for an equaly wide range of applications. Learn more
  • pop-itThe POP-IT tool is an ideal mechanical spreader, prying, moving, and lifting tool. Learn more
  • radRAD torque wrenches are designed to deliver the most powerful, accurate and safe torque load of any roque multiplier on the market today. Learn more
  • hytorkHytork – Emerson provides a Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuators features cast body and integrated travel stops.  Explosion Proof Position Indicators &  Limit Switches Manual Overrides, CENELEC & PED Compliant Under ATEX Directive for Overseas Markets.Learn more
  • estEST Group provides a complete range of repair products and replacement parts covering the life cycle of tubular heat exchangers and condensers.  Additiionally it provides products to facilitate pressure testing pipe, piping systems, pressure vessels and their components.  The Pickford Group supplies their products for sale or rent. Learn more
  • Hydratight-TorqueHydratight offers a wide range of products for Oil, Gas and Industrial markets and are available for sale or rent. They are the go-to company for Bolting, Torquing, Tensioning, Nut Splitters and Bolting Software. Learn more
  • hot-hedHot-Hed Inc. supplies Casing Bowl Welding Pre-heaters & Post-heaters, Non-contaminating Weld Pressure & Integrity Testing,  Welding Isolation Chambers, Casing Cutting Accessories. Learn more
  • musk2Muskegon Tools supplies the Piper Backup Wrench a hands free backup wrench that fits in confined areas. Learn more
  • Statiflo-02The Statiflo Motionless Mixer is the modern alternative to traditional dynamic mixing. Learn more
  • AMS-FlowBosstmPickfordAmerican Maintenance Systems supplies Bleeder Cleaners, Flange Spreaders and other Flange Safety Equipment. Learn more
  • Hydratight-MachineHydratight on-site Machining Solutions (formally known as DL Ricci Corp.) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of portable on-site machining equipment. Learn more

Welcome to The Pickford Group

The Flow Control / Valve Automation division represents a number of major companies that manufacture high quality, specialized products for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Power, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, and Mining industries. This division carries a substantial inventory and is able to provide a quick and efficient delivery from our Edmonton warehouse facility. We are the source for your manual and automated valve projects. The division provides both pneumatic and electric solutions to your valve automation requirements. We assist the customer in the proper sizing of actuators and valves for specific projects / applications by using computer based programs provided by the manufacturers. With over 100 years of accumulated experience of our factory trained staff we can provide our customers with the quality service they have come to expect.

The Plant Maintenance Equipment Division provides specialized tooling solutions to plant maintenance and construction personnel. We represent major manufacturers that are world leaders in their products . The PME Division focuses on the sales and rentals of specialized equipment dealing with issues such as Flange Joint Integrity, Torquing and Tensioning, Portable Machining and Cold Cutting of Pipe, Flanges and Vessels, Heat Exchanger Testing and Plugging Equipment for maximum efficiency, Hydrostatic Test Plugs that decrease down time, as well as many more SAFETY related products that are new in the field.